News — Wen & Parris - Caught/Collide

Wen & Parris - Caught/Collide

Available now on iTunes: and on 12" from Boomkat

Shifting away from the harder angles and subtle garage flex of Wen’s album, both ‘Caught’ and ‘Collide’ – which are regulars in the record bag of DJs such as Youngsta – heighten the atmosphere to near breaking extent. ‘Caught’ is all abrupt percussive tics, flickering melodies and snippets of voice that cut through the air, while the rhythms underneath reshape themselves in real-time, switching from grime’s staccato bass blasts to sinuous, sidewinding grooves. ‘Collide’ is even more exquisitely fluid, with its drums and distant melodies swimming though a backdrop that’s somehow monolithic and tantalisingly fragile at once.