News — Truth - How Strange (feat. Bijou)

Truth - How Strange (feat. Bijou)

Available now on 12" from Boomkat and digital from iTunes and all other good record stores.

‘How Strange’ is a supremely unsettling yet inviting listen, with half-sung, half whispered vocals from Bijou slinking through the gloom, while all around sub-bass and lashings of peripheral sound distort your perception of space and time. Where the title track is built for sinking deep into, ‘Justify’ (feat. Taso) takes a similar set of elements and scorches you with its piledriving momentum, bounding forward atop an irresistible dancefloor skank. And the translucent textures of ‘Yesterdays’ frost like breath on a freezing cold morning, paired with rhythmic patter that arrives in fits and starts, forming a resonant and soulful end to the EP.