Dubstep Allstars Vol.07

On paper this style could be almost nonchalant, but upon listening you realise nothing has been left to chance. It’s the journey as a whole which is Chef's focus, and–as outlined in the opening moments of his mix–it’s a journey of “so many stages”.

The peak–and–trough workout continues in earnest with Ramadanman on the second disc. Showing an acute sense of rhythm in both production and mixing. Testing a rookie ravers balance, he throws elastic rhythms into the mix and collides sonics to create multi textured soundscapes. Consistently demonstrating impeccable taste, Ramadanman draws on a school of artists who, like him, favour a clean, considered sound. He throws in dashes of grime with a handful of assured and abrupt riddims as well as the technoid, ethereal and rave-era influenced production which has allowed him to carve his niche as a DJ.