Proxima - Alpha

Across its eleven tracks, Alpha sharpens Proxima’s already distinctive aesthetic while significantly broad- ening in scope. It’s a manifesto of sorts, centred firmly around his characteristic, titanium-hard dubstep mutations, yet comfortable taking spaced out voyages through melody-soaked electronics, freaked-out sci-fi funk and vocal-led songs.

Available now on 2 x 12" LP, CD, and iTunes


Hodge & Facta

‘Spheres Of Costa Rica’ draws a glancing sample of traditional chanted music into a dubbed-out, sidewinding riddim that seems to sink deeper and deeper as it plays, drawing your mind and feet along with it. Flip the record and ‘Visions’ mesmerises you further still: its swung drums summon the ghosts of UK garage, but blast them out into deep space, where fragmentary whorls of noise and firestorm sub-bass erupt all around you. As an EP it’s a bold statement from all parties: dark, unerringly forward-thinking new music that takes Tempa’s legacy in a vital new direction.

Available November 24 on 12" and Digital from iTunes and all other store


Proxima - Trapped

Announcing the release of Proxima's 'Trapped'

Stream in full over at the Rinse FM Soundcloud

Available now on 12" and Digital

Download on iTunes


Tempa Allstars Vol. 7

Complex have premiered the lead track from the seventh volume — and the first since 2010 — of Tempa's Allstars series.

'Push Back', by Wen, is weaponised voyage through haunted grime atmospheres and deftly swung percussion.

Tempa Allstars Vol. 7 will be released digitally and on 2 x 12" on September 22


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