Alex Coulton - Feb 2

Both tracks on Coulton’s debut Tempa 12” roll out around hypnotic, sidewinding rhythms, and intense percussive energy. ‘Recall’ is a gradually unfurling firestorm of distorted kickdrums, reverb and molten sub-bass, which repeatedly dies away to near-silence before returning with twice the impact. ‘Wiretap’ is lighter but no less intense: whirling drums, warping bass and freakily catchy melodies.

Available from February 2nd on 12" from Bleep, Boomkat, Red Eye Records and digitally from iTunesAmazon, Juno, Google Play, and all other good digital and physical stores.


Tempa Remix

The fourth Tempa Remix 12” — following on from Modeselektor’s remix of Headhunter — brings together remixes of two of the label’s deadliest tracks.

On the A-side, label figurehead Youngsta remixes Truth’s sinister ‘Devil’s Hands’ into a throbbing 4/4 monster — amping up the chiming melodies and chasms of sub-bass of the original.

On the B-side, Truth show off their own remixing skills, bringing even more alien dread to J:Kenzo’s already dubbed-out original.

Available soon on 12", and available now on digital from iTunes, Beatport, and all good online stores.


Proxima - Alpha

Across its eleven tracks, Alpha sharpens Proxima’s already distinctive aesthetic while significantly broad- ening in scope. It’s a manifesto of sorts, centred firmly around his characteristic, titanium-hard dubstep mutations, yet comfortable taking spaced out voyages through melody-soaked electronics, freaked-out sci-fi funk and vocal-led songs.

Available now on 2 x 12" LP, CD, and iTunes


Hodge & Facta

‘Spheres Of Costa Rica’ draws a glancing sample of traditional chanted music into a dubbed-out, sidewinding riddim that seems to sink deeper and deeper as it plays, drawing your mind and feet along with it. Flip the record and ‘Visions’ mesmerises you further still: its swung drums summon the ghosts of UK garage, but blast them out into deep space, where fragmentary whorls of noise and firestorm sub-bass erupt all around you. As an EP it’s a bold statement from all parties: dark, unerringly forward-thinking new music that takes Tempa’s legacy in a vital new direction.

Available November 24 on 12" and Digital from iTunes and all other store


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