Appleblim — Avebury


Appleblim’s latest for Tempa is a three tracker that opens with the idiosyncratic ‘Avebury’, whose momentum builds steadily towards the track’s apex before a rude bassline plunges the skittering keys into a deep, measured lull.


The 12’s centerpiece is its most challenging offering, with the almost ten minute ‘Wandered’ bubbling menacingly under the surface for the duration. The grayscale ‘Auburn Blaze’ rounds off an eclectic selection of tracks that as a whole feel most at home reverberating off the walls of a dank south London club, or on the night bus home across a buzzing metropolis.

Available from August 14th on digital and vinyl.


Nomine — Blind Man

Nomine returns with Blind Man, his fifth 12” for Tempa. What marks out Nomine’s takes on dubstep and techno is his innate ability to use subtle sonic gestures to create a massive physical and emotional impact: in his hands, a brief flicker of struck hand drums or a fragmentary drift of melody can hit you as hard as a two-ton heavy blast of sub-bass pressure.

Available April 13 on 12" vinyl and digital. Pre-order now on iTunes.


J:Kenzo — Urban Gorilla feat. Juiceman

The next release on Tempa marks the return of J:Kenzo, with Urban Gorilla, the dubstep firebrand’s first release since last year’s crushing Magneto 12”.

Listen to the lead track in full over at Data Transmission.


Proxima - Trapped

Presenting visuals for Proxima's Trapped — taken from his 2014 debut album on Tempa entitled 'Alpha' — animated by visual artist Rachel Noble.

Watch HERE (720p or greater strongly recommended)

Download Alpha on iTunes, Beatport, and all other stores.

Also available on CD and 2 x 12" vinyl from all good record stores.


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