J:Kenzo - Magneto (Feel It) / TVR - Available Now

‘Magneto (Feel It)’ is among the most shockingly minimal tracks Kenzo has crafted to date. Centred around the heartbeat double-thud of a kickdrum and a few flecks of disembodied voice, its windmilling sub-bass pulsations ripple upward through the body. ‘TVR’ is faster, its swung rhythms and conga rolls arriving in energetic fits and starts to kick dancers into action. It draws to the fore Kenzo’s techno-inspired side: halfway through it explodes into propulsive action, with a spiraling electro-ish rhythm switching the track’s energy into overdrive.

Available on 1x12" from all good record stores, and digitally from iTunes


Truth - Chicks & Drugs Available Now

Truth return to Tempa with the two track 'Chicks & Drugs / Empire', available digitally on iTunes, and on 12" from Chemical Records.



J:Kenzo - Bloodlines EP

J:Kenzo's latest release on Tempa is the four track Bloodlines EP, available digitally on iTunes, and on 2x12" from Chemical Records.

Listen to each of the four tracks on the Rinse FM YouTube channel


Nomine - Nomine's War Available Now

On his second 12" for Tempa, Nomine's War, his immediately distinctive sounds and production are put to the service of his most powerful tracks to date.


'Nomine's War' is brusque, brittle and sets the senses on alert, all pulsating sub-bass and kicks aimed straight at the chestplate.  'Anxiety Tribe' is an explosive dancefloor track, pow- ered along by thick, acidic twists of bass. '128.1' rounds off the EP with its most introspective and immersive moment - dubby chord stabs that ring outwards through the mist, pinprick melodies and an ever- present earthly bass rumble.

'Nomine's War' is available now on iTunes.


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