Truth - How Strange (feat. Bijou)

Available now on 12" from Boomkat and digital from iTunes and all other good record stores.

‘How Strange’ is a supremely unsettling yet inviting listen, with half-sung, half whispered vocals from Bijou slinking through the gloom, while all around sub-bass and lashings of peripheral sound distort your perception of space and time. Where the title track is built for sinking deep into, ‘Justify’ (feat. Taso) takes a similar set of elements and scorches you with its piledriving momentum, bounding forward atop an irresistible dancefloor skank. And the translucent textures of ‘Yesterdays’ frost like breath on a freezing cold morning, paired with rhythmic patter that arrives in fits and starts, forming a resonant and soulful end to the EP.



Wen & Parris - Caught/Collide

Available now on iTunes: and on 12" from Boomkat

Shifting away from the harder angles and subtle garage flex of Wen’s album, both ‘Caught’ and ‘Collide’ – which are regulars in the record bag of DJs such as Youngsta – heighten the atmosphere to near breaking extent. ‘Caught’ is all abrupt percussive tics, flickering melodies and snippets of voice that cut through the air, while the rhythms underneath reshape themselves in real-time, switching from grime’s staccato bass blasts to sinuous, sidewinding grooves. ‘Collide’ is even more exquisitely fluid, with its drums and distant melodies swimming though a backdrop that’s somehow monolithic and tantalisingly fragile at once.


Tempa x Bleep 100 Tracks 2004-2014

Head over to Bleep's website to view their specially curated 10-year anniversary edition of their annual '100 Tracks' bundle, featuring two classic cuts from the Tempa catalogue in either MP3 or uncompressed WAV formats: Skream's dubbed out 'Dutch Flowerz', and Benga & Coki's seminal 'Night'.

The compilation is available digitally only until 9 June.



Nomine - Enma / Zen Circle / Mindfulness

Nomine’s third release on Tempa, following last year’s spooked-out Nomine’s War, contains his most expansive and exploratory music to date, pushing his already intricate and varied sound to new depths of atmosphere and intensity.




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