Alex Coulton: Hand To Hand Combat

Manchester born Alex Coulton has steadily garnered a following throughout a slew of lauded 12”s on Hype LTD, Black Acre, Idle Hands, Livity Sound sub Dnous Ytivil and Bloc’s new imprint. Now - in the follow up to his Freefall EP on Bloc, Coulton lines up his next 12” on Tempa in the form of a burly two-tracker titled Hand To Hand Combat / Concealed Weapon.
Available on 12" from Bleep, and digital from iTunes, Beatport and all other good record stores


Inside Nomine

Inside Nomine is the much-anticipated debut album from Nomine. Released on Tempa on 11 September, it finds the enigmatic producer travelling beyond his acclaimed, soundsystem-demolishing 12”s to explore the deepest reaches of inner space. A reflection on the power of sound to reshape how we experience reality, it’s a remarkable, immersive soundworld of a record — delicate and contemplative, fleet-footed yet overwhelmingly forceful.

Available Now on CD, 2 x 12", and Digital. Get it on iTunes & Amazon



Tempa 100

Tempa's landmark 100th release — a double pack of essential classics to mark the occasion, released on 18th September.

Founded in London in 2000, Tempa swiftly evolved to become one of the most vital and influential labels in the last 15 years of UK dance music. At the epicentre of dubstep as it evolved from a mutant offshoot of garage into its own unique scene and sound, Tempa has fostered many of the genre’s best-known names.

For our 100th release, we’re marking that legacy by casting an ear back into our rich archives. Just as powerful as when they were first released, the music on Tempa 100 is both a celebration and a reminder of the label’s ten-tons-heavy contribution to UK music history.



Appleblim — Avebury


Appleblim’s latest for Tempa is a three tracker that opens with the idiosyncratic ‘Avebury’, whose momentum builds steadily towards the track’s apex before a rude bassline plunges the skittering keys into a deep, measured lull.


The 12’s centerpiece is its most challenging offering, with the almost ten minute ‘Wandered’ bubbling menacingly under the surface for the duration. The grayscale ‘Auburn Blaze’ rounds off an eclectic selection of tracks that as a whole feel most at home reverberating off the walls of a dank south London club, or on the night bus home across a buzzing metropolis.

Available from August 14th on digital and vinyl.


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